Chiu Chiu Resort draws inspiration from Santorini!

Immerse yourself in the fishing village of indigenous people on Phu Quy island, quietly “house” rustic but comfortable, the main white color is designed by a famous Greek architect, Mediterranean style . Chiu Chiu resort is located right in front of a shallow sea bay with the most outstanding beautiful coral reefs and marine ecosystems in Binh Thuan.

Architecture of Chiu Chiu ?

Low-rise architecture with a floor of nearly 1000m2, very convenient for the elderly, do not have to step up and down stairs. The curved dome facing the sea is suitable for the natural cool marine climate for each room.

The white paint and construction materials are safe for your health and family-friendly, combined with the blue of the ocean, creating a checkin location that consumes your phone capacity

How are the rooms ?

With only 15 quiet rooms, a free-standing kitchen and a restaurant, it gives you a feeling of “unspoiled outside, in unexpected comfort”. The interior is completely handcrafted with local sea sand, completely without using any cement bricks, a unique feature that no other resort has this pure Mediterranean design. Super strong air conditioning facilities, powerful hot and cold water faucets, modern wall-mounted dryers.